Our world is a huge box in the attic with a bunch of fascinating secrets. For example, did you know that in the forests in Thailand, there are real zombies and that city smog is not all that harmful?

We at Bright Side decided to look into this box and share several amazing facts about this world with you.

  • Psychologists from the State University of New York at Binghamton found that a text message with a period at the end of the sentence appears more disingenuous. They showed a group of 126 students a text conversation that contained this question, “Dave gave me a free ticket. Do you want to come?” and this answer, “Okay”. The answer was given in 2 versions: with punctuation at the end and without it. The students chose the one with a period as being less sincere. And the one that had an exclamation mark seemed more genuine.
  • The temperature in the house can ruin the relationship between spouses. The thing is, men are more comfortable living in the cold, and women often feel cold so they try to make the place as warm as possible. 55% of couples regularly fight over the temperature in their place. Scientists found that the most agreeable temperature is 71°F.
  • The male brain gets older quicker than the female brain. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center came to this conclusion. With age, men complain about the loss of attention and focus more often, whereas women feel depressed.
  • The number of teeth influences the quality of our memory. A study with 300 senior participants showed that the fewer teeth a person had, the harder it is for them to memorize information. This result can be explained by the fact that when a person loses a tooth, neural connections are broken, and the function of the part of the brain that is responsible for memory can actually get worse.
  • Overweight and unemployed women have sleep problems more often than others. Scientists from Leipzig University conducted a study with 9,000 participants to find out information about the quality of their sleep. They found that almost half of women complained about sleeping problems (42%). Also, the duration and quality of sleep are influenced by socio-economic status: unemployment induces worry, which then results in problems with sleep.
  • Don’t do this experiment at home, just watch this video. The electrons moving between the parts of the grape make a current when cooked by the microwave. The piece of the thin skin that connects the parts of the grape is heated and dried — there is no current here, it just gets lifted and creates sparks. This is how grapes turn into plasma in the microwave oven.
  • When a person lies, their own nose can give them away. Psychologists from the University of Granada say that when a person lies, the temperature around their nose increases. This is called the “Pinocchio Effect.”
  • Small children bombard their parents with never-ending questions that are sometimes really hard to answer. A 4-year-old child asks around 400 questions a day, and mothers try to respond to them every 2 minutes, on average. To put this in perspective, teachers ask 19 question per hour, and nurses and doctors only 11.
  • In a questionnaire from 2008, 58% of British teenagers said they thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real person. They also thought that King Arthur and Robin Hood were real people along with the famous detective written into existence by Arthur Conan Doyle. And 20% of the respondents thought that Winston Churchill was not a real person.
  • Smog helps with the negative issues associated with living in a huge city. The chemicals contained inside the cloud can cause a light drugged effect. This effect helps the people living in cities cope with the negative side effects of this life, like chronic stress.
  • Originally, trailers were shown after movies, not before. In the beginning of the 20th century, there was only one screen in a movie theater where movies were shown. You could buy a ticket and watch films for an entire day. In 1912, a series of 13 episodes were released. In order to motivate the viewers to stay for the next episode, at the end of each chapter, there was a short announcement for the next one. This is how trailers were invented.
  • Night owls have fewer chances at finding love than early birds. Scientists from the University of Chicago explained this phenomenon by the fact that night owls often meet new people at night time in bars and clubs, and this flirting doesn’t often lead to a strong, healthy relationship. And early birds prefer dates during the day, for example, getting a cup of coffee at a cafe which can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections and conversations.
  • In Florida, there have been several tests performed on runners. The participants who ate an apple or drank a cup of coffee before the test were much more energetic than the ones who ate nothing at all. But after the runners from the second group ate an apple, the level of their energy was the same as the runners from the first group. Fruits contain quercetin that increases the oxygen flow. So, apples can give the same rush of energy as coffee.
  • Women make around 80% of all purchases in the world. This is easy to believe because a woman is supposed to take care of her appearance and also keep the house cozy and comfortable. Aside from this, women also have an influence on what their spouses purchase.
  • At the end of the 20th century, dogs were banned in Antarctica. Dogsleds were a great way of transportation in Antarctica but after 1994, all animals were transported out of the continent. The issue was, dogs (just like any other non-local animal) could infect seals and other animals of the north with diseases that they wouldn’t be able to fight.
  • study that 10 thousand participants took part in showed that chronic pain can lead to dementia. It doesn’t just ruin your mood and cause depression, people who have chronic pain are 10% more susceptible to having memory problems.
  • In the forests of Thailand, there is a fungi called Ophiocordyceps that can create zombies. These parasites influence the nervous system of ants — at first, an insect doesn’t feel anything, but a week later, its behavior changes. An ant, controlled by the fungi climbs the tree that has the spores of the parasite growing on it and they inject it with poison and kill the insect.
  • Japanese people have special bacteria (Bacteroides plebeius) in their colon that helps them to digest sushi. They have this bacteria because they eat raw seaweed regularly. The microorganisms that live on the surface of the seaweed get into their body and develop Bacteroides plebeius which helps them to digest raw fish and prevent different food-borne illnesses.
  • Presidents and other leaders die way earlier than regular people. Calls in the middle of the night, total control, stress, chronic fatigue, urgent tasks, and of course, assassinations are part of the dangers that surround them. Can you remember any kings or emperors that lived long enough to grow old? On average, a president lives 7 years less than a regular person and has a 23% higher chance of a premature death.

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