Sometimes it’s hard to hold yourself back from smiling when looking at old photos from your youth or childhood. We used to be bold, considered ourselves self-sufficient and were not afraid to shine brightly. Perhaps, the epoch of the ’90s is the best way to prove this to be true.

Bright Side collected photos from internet users that prove we looked so cool back in the ’90s!

1. The family look back in the ’90s

2. “This was my senior photo in 1993.”

3. “Man, I was looking fly in the ’90s!”

4. A cool hairdo is the main attribute of all fashion mongers.

5. “Bowl cut, Gameboy, and inflatable furniture — the ’90s were awesome.”

6. Super bleached hair and a puka shell necklace in the late ’90s

7. “This pic of me really sums up what it was like to be a kid in the early ’90s.”

8. “What’s up, ladies?”

9. “The year was 1997 — Here’s my brother with his hockey trophy and medal, and then there’s me…proudly showing off my onion ring.”

10. “In 1999, we thought it was funny to wear thrift store suits to school…every single day.”

11. One of the trendiest hairdos of that time

12. Graduation in 1992

13. “I made my mom buy me this faux velvet dress from a garage sale. I’m pretending to be Rose from Titanic.

14. Outside

15. This style of fashion is neither here nor there.

16. “My brother and I peaked in ‘97.”

17. The coolness of this photo is overwhelming.

18. “My family was going hard with just about every early ’90s style trend.”

Are there similar photos in your family albums? Please share them with us in the comments!

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