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18 Bizarre Discoveries That Can Baffle Even Scientists


Amazing and incredible things are everywhere. We simply don’t stop long enough to notice them. Fortunately, there are curious people who find extraordinary things and share them with us on the internet.

Bright Side still doesn’t understand what’s going on in some of these photos. Will you help us?

18. A marine Pokémon?

Nope, it’s just a glass ball covered in sea shells.

17. A car part found in a place where a cyclist was hit by an unidentified vehicle that didn’t stop

Reddit users identified the part as being from a mid-1980s Chevy. The driver was later arrested.

16. “I found this book in my aunt’s house, it’s got really weird writing. What is it?”

It’s a book with encoded Masonic text.

15. Shoes for a giant

Nothing strange here, just a size 20 shoe.

14. “What is this thing under the kitchen counter of my new apartment?”

It’s an arc chute, a set of insulating barriers on a circuit breaker arranged to confine the electrical arc and prevent it from causing damage.

13. “Found this when fishing in Latvia, weighs more than 250 lbs. Maybe an old bomb?”

It’s a naval mine produced in 1887. These mines were used during World War I.

12. A transparent leaf

You actually can make a transparent leaf on your own. You’ll need a brush, a pan, and sodium carbonate.

11. “Is it an old school camera?”

10. “Inherited this table from my dad. He used it as a sofa back for years.”

9. “Machine tool?”

8. “Found at work, very hard and has hair on it.”

It’s the fruit from the Osage orange (or hedge apple) tree.

7. “This weird foldable hook. No idea what year it’s from.”

It’s a pocket fishing spear.

6. “An extremely durable ball”

It’s called Wiggly Giggly. It’s a toy for kids, but people usually buy them for their dogs because they are really durable.

5. “Some driver hit one of our neighbor’s horses. I would appreciate it if I could find out what this car part went to.”

Internet users identified that it was Plymouth Reliant released at the end of the 1980s.

4. “Found some sort of a door. Any idea what it’s used for?”

It’s still unknown what this was used for. Some people think it’s an old lime kiln, others claim it’s a cellar or a bomb shelter.

3. “Found this tall wooden box, it’s open on one end with a hole on the other end. What is this for?”

It’s a box to store wine.

2. “My grandma got this in Japan years ago.”

1. “Noticed this weird thing on the side of this car near the light in London.”

It’s for attaching a flag when used by diplomats.

Bonus: “Found Winnie-the-Pooh’s house while trail riding.”

It’s still unknown what this door is for.

Will you help us solve the riddle in the bonus? Share your thoughts!

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