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17 times Anthony Hopkins’ Twitter feed was the most wholesome place on the internet


There aren’t many places on the internet that can be classified as “unequivocally wholesome”.

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Twitter feed, however, firmly fits the bill.

The legendary Welsh actor joined Twitter back in 2016, and wasted absolutely no time in making the social network an infinitely better place.

From cheerful holiday messages to feline-assisted piano sessions, here are some of his best tweets so far…

1. This delightful Sunday video.

2. This glorious photo.

3. The time he played the piano with his furry BFF.

4. And then shared this adorable thank you message.

5. The time he said a chuckling hello from Wales, UK.

6. This delightful image.

7. This very random, but undeniably lovely, slow motion walk through London.

8. This cheerful message, which we can all surely get behind.

9. The time he busted out some serious dance moves.

10. His thoughts on being “cool.”

11. This heartfelt slow motion video.

12. The time he shared some powerful advice.

13. This Halloween message.

14. And this Easter one.

15. Not to mention this absolutely delightful festive greeting.

16. The time he hung out with Mickey.

17. And finally, whatever the sweet heck is going on here.

Never change, Anthony.

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