Animals make people happier and healthier. This fact has been proven by scientific research. Those ears, paws, and funny muzzles are our main remedy against bad days and bad moods. Just look at the angel-cat, the wedding dog, and an ideal circle made of kittens to see how quickly your mood will improve!

Bright Side collected photos that are sure to brighten up your day!

Perfect circle

“Hi, ladies!”

“It is my secret weapon.”

This puppy is a future guide dog. It is his first training.

“Maybe there is no need to go to work today?”

“A friendly face in a public space.”

Who wants free hugs?

Yin and yang

It’s the cutest muzzle in the world!

When you dream of getting an owner:

This is what love looks like:

It has a favorite toy it always sleeps with.


“The best photo I have ever taken.”

“I got married yesterday and wanted my dog involved in some of the pics. The photographer nailed the detail shots.”

“He loves her just as much as I do.”

A Golden retriever and a kitten — an adorable friendship!

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