What did Burger King write at the end of It? How does the only brown panda in the world live? Who do we resemble when we are slightly drunk? Why do crows love grabbing other animals by the tail? There are so many interesting questions! It’s great that we have the answers to all of them!

Bright Side has collected 16 facts for you that you will most likely want to share with your friends.

1. There is only one brown panda in the world.

But the story of this panda is a little sad. His name is Qizai which can be translated as “the seventh son.” Scientists found him abandoned at the age of 2 months in Central China. His parents probably didn’t recognize him as their child because of his unusual color. But thanks to his color, he has become famous and now has his own guard, park, and food made of special kinds of bamboo.

2. At the end of It (2017) Burger King left a funny message.

At the end of the movie, right after the credits, there is a line, “The moral is: never trust a clown.” This was a clever way to troll McDonald’s.

3. There is reason why Winston Churchill looks angry on a 5-pound bill.

This is because the photographer took a cigar from Churchill before taking the photo.

4. Nike wanted to name one of their shoe collections Aztec but they found out that Adidas had already done this.

Then, Nike decided to name the collection Cortéz — the name of the Spanish man who defeated and robbed the Aztecs.

5. Crows love pinching other animals by the tail.

It’s believed that this way, they distract the animals from their food so they can steal it. But some scientists believe that they do it just because they like it.

6. There are red bananas.

This kind of bananas grow in South and West Africa, and in the Canary Islands. Scientists think that these fruits will have a great future because they have a great flavor and a creamy taste. Besides, they contain more vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and beta-carotene compared to regular bananas.

7. Mona Lisa used to look different in the past.

Because the painting was in the museum under natural sunlight, its color faded. There is a copy of the painting that was made at the same time as the original by one of Leonardo da Vinci’s students. It was kept in a special vault and the colors are intact.

1. Hemingway — their personality and behavior almost don’t change no matter how much they drink.

2. Mary Poppins — alcohol makes them nice and happy. It relaxes them and they become more open.

3. The Nutty Professor — these are people who are usually introverts, but when they drink, it reveals the brightest features of their personalities.

4. Mr. Hyde — they turn into their evil doppelganger and show their worst features: rudeness, hostility, and irresponsibility.

9. Every year in Nepal there is a 5-day festival of fire where people thank dogs for their loyalty and friendship.

During this event, several days are used to honor dogs. People who celebrate this day put flowers on their dogs, lights, paint them with chalk, and give them the tastiest dog treats.

Aside from the dog day, on the other days, believers worship cows, crows, oxen, and even themselves.

10. The left part of the face is considered to be more attractive than the right one.

Many artists drew people from their left side because people look more expressive this way. Also, research shows that we express more emotions using the left side of our face.

11. Pablo Picasso carried a revolver everywhere. It was loaded with blanks. He shot at everyone who asked what his paintings meant.

12. In 1991, Sergei Krikalev went to space as a USSR citizen and returned to Earth as a citizen of Russia.

During his mission, the USSR ceased to exist and Russia was formed. The government, the president, and the name of his hometown changed.

13. Archaeologists found an ancient meme in Turkey.

In 2013, while laying a cable in Antakya, a 200-year-old mosaic of a skeleton was found. It was lying near bread and wine and the inscription said, “Be happy and live your life.”

14. Most of the creepy sounds we hear in horror movies were made using an instrument called a waterphone.

15. For how flexible they are, snakes have a lot of bones.

Depending on the species, snakes can have 400 or more bones but the unique design of their skeleton gives them their familiar shape and their amazing flexibility.

16. Angiogram showing damaged/decreased vascular tissue in the index finger of a yo-yo master

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