For parents, the safety and well-being of their child is a top priority. In this regard, making sure that you babyproof your house thoroughly is very important. Today there are plenty of products that can help with this — and there are also a lot of inexpensive and effective tricks to childproof your house that have been tested by hundreds of parents.

Bright Side has prepared a selection of smart, kid-proofing hacks for you to make your house super safe.

Using child-proof pill bottles to store candy

Latches to secure the toilet bowl

A yoga mat on the wall can make sleeping so much safer.

A little fabric paint to make the socks non-slip

A hair tie is an easy way to keep the cabinet locked.

A scarf can be used for this as well.

Useful Christmas hack

Using a net to prevent your kid from getting through the wide railing

Handmade tennis ball corner guard

Knitted door handle cover you can make yourself

Organize all the cleaning supplies in a place that is beyond the child’s reach (instead of storing them under the sink, as usual).

Pool noodles can easily serve as door stoppers.

Use a net to secure the fan.

A great idea for book storage, with the added belt providing the toddler-proofing

Kitchen spoons can also help to keep the drawers locked.

A mattress can be used as a cheaper alternative to kid gates.

A simple rubber band will keep your kid from locking the door.

Do you have your own hacks for kid-proofing your home? Share them in comments!

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