The average banana contains 105 calories, 12% of your daily potassium intake, 17% of your needed Vitamin C, and 12% of the necessary dietary fiber. It is a great snack and base for so many delicious desserts. Nevertheless, once they get overripe and hard to eat, many of us just throw them away. But there is so much more we can do with these overripe bananas!

Bright Side gathered some nifty ways to use overripe bananas and their peels that you may find handy.


  • A banana’s high nutrition value makes it a great acne treatment. Place a piece of banana peel on the skin, white side down. Massage for about 10 minutes, then remove it and don’t wash it off your face for as long as possible (it’s better to leave it on overnight). Repeat this for several days.
  • This easy homemade hair mask will make your hair shiny and will prevent breakage. Just mix 1 overripe banana, 1 ripe avocado and 2 tbsp of coconut oil until smooth. Spread the mask over your hair and wait for 30 minutes, then wash with shampoo. Keep the leftovers refrigerated. Use weekly for steady results.
  • If you are running out of your foot moisturizer, banana is there to help. Take the peel, white side down, and rub the dry skin. Wash off the excess residue if needed. Try to do this several times a day for better results. The flesh of a banana can work as a foot mask — just mix half of the banana with a few drops of honey and apply it to your feet, wait 10 minutes, and wash it off.


  • If you need to polish your shoes and have nothing but an overripe banana at the bottom of your bag — you are in luck. Use the inside part of a banana peel to rub around your shoes. Be warned: the banana should not be brown — the peel must still be yellow with brown dots.
  • Overripe bananas serve very well as a low-cost natural wood polisher. Put a tiny bit of banana flesh on the wooden surface and wipe off with a microfiber cloth until it’s really shiny.
  • If you need to remove ink stains from your skin (or if your kids need to) banana peels are a great instant stain remover. Just rub the white side down over the dirty skin, and the ink will easily come off.
  • If you want to make sure you’re not overdrying your roast — place a ripe banana peel on top of the meat before putting it in the oven. This way, the peel protects your meal from losing too much juice. Remove the peel 5 minutes before the meat is cooked.
  • Bananas release a hormone called ethylene. It causes the fast ripening of other fruits and vegetables. So if you happen to buy hard avocados, tomatoes or mangos, just place them in a paper bag with a ripe banana. In 24 hours they will be ready to eat.


  • If you’re looking for non-toxic insect repellent, bananas can help you make one. In a closed container, place 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of water and a sliced banana. Make holes in the container. Flies will be attracted to the fruity flavor and will become trapped. Other sweet leftover fruits such as pineapples will do as well.
  • Chopped banana peel is a great natural odorless fertilizer for your garden. Just place it not too deep in the soil around your plants. The peel will start to decompose and will release minerals and vitamins.
  • If your in-house plants have dull and dusty leaves, you can use the inside part of a banana peel to give them some shine. Just rub it until clean.


  • Tea made from overripe bananas is a great source of minerals — drink it one hour before going to bed to improve your sleep. Just boil 1 pot of water, add 1 unpeeled banana cut in large pieces, and simmer for 10 minutes. Pour the tea into your mug through a colander and add a pinch of cinnamon.


  • Express your creativity on the banana. There are so many great works of art inspired by this simple fruit. Just check them out.

Will you try any of these hacks? Share your ideas in the comments.

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