Your engagement is the perfect opportunity to take pictures of yourself and the love of your life in a romantic fairyland, a world of soft pastels and soft focus, falling flower petals, and open fields of adoration. But why? You could be doing something so much more fun!

For example, Twitter user @sonni_nicolette, who shared what may be the most epic engagement ring show-off photo in existence. Her fiancé is beside her screaming as they go down Splash Mountain at Disneyland, but she knows how to pull focus:

Look at this magic:

It even overshadows these fellas going to Wakanda:

Sonni is following a long line of people who have made their engagement photos funny instead of corny, and we appreciate her. There’s so many options for pics that will make people laugh out there!

Like, photos that capture It, but the “it” is not love:

Don’t worry, the bride had a sense of humor, as all brides should:

How about a photo that acknowledges the subtext of the next step in your relationship:

Or a pic that makes your honey…disappear.

You could also reference every movie and TV show you’ve ever loved:

You could also use your engagement photos to drive your actual fiancée away:

It’s just so hard to resist the likes:

If you think you’ve got a good engagement photo idea, but no partner, don’t despair. We can celebrate every achievement in life with a ridiculous photo shoot:

Or find an alternative:

All love is beautiful.

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