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12 Years After Boy’s Dad Dies Unexpectedly, A Line Of Cop Cars Shows Up Outside His Grad Party


In October 2007, Sarah Schieber and her husband Chad ran in the Chicago Marathon after training together for six months. As the couple hit mile 5, Chad gave Sarah a quick kiss and told he’d meet her at the finish line before running ahead.

At mile 18, Chad suddenly collapsed and passed away at the age of 35. No one knew it at the time, but he had an undiagnosed condition that led to a fatal heart attack.

Chad was survived by his wife and three kids. Their youngest, Micah, was six years old and had the most difficult time coping. He grew up wishing he had more clear memories of his dad and a better picture of the kind of man he truly was.

So, when Micah turned 18, he came up with a heartfelt plan.

For 12 years, Chad was a hardworking and respected police officer with Michigan’s Midland Police Department. When it came time for Micah to send out invitations to his high school graduation party, he approached his mother with a very unexpected question.

“Mom, do you think we could invite the police department?”

Sarah was instantly taken aback. “You mean the whole police department?!” she asked.

Yep… that’s exactly what he meant.

And so, Micah sent an invitation to Chad’s former boss. Weeks passed by without hearing any word back. Sarah tried to lower Micah’s expectations so he wouldn’t be disappointed with the turnout. After all, his party was set to take place on the Friday night of Father’s Day weekend.

When they arrived to the party, however, both mother and son were left speechless…

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