Scientists believe that the way we see things depends on how our brain interprets information, while other researchers have proven that the personality is directly linked to how the brain is structured and how it functions.

In other words, the way we see things can reveal nuances about our innate personality and these riddles are a fun method to check them out.

At Bright Side, we collected a set of riddles that will let you find out more about yourself.

1. How many animals can you see?

  • 1-3 maybe you just needed a bit more time;
  • 4-6 you got the most obvious ones but missed quite a few;
  • 7-9 your attention to detail is very good, and so close to perfect;
  • 10-13 you could be an FBI agent, or perhaps you already are.

2. What do you see first?

3. What do you see first?

4. What do you see first?

5. What do you see first?

6. Find the odd one out.

7. Can you spot the hidden animal?

8. Can you spot the hidden animal?

9. Find the odd one out

10. what do you see first?

11. Can you find the mistake?

12. Which color is the brightest?

Which of these riddles had you scratching your head the most? Did you recognize yourself in the answers?

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