Since humanity discovered the technology of X-rays, we’ve scanned just about everything we could get our hands on. An X-ray allows us to see everyday things from an unexpected perspective. We’ve been able to unveil the mysteries of natural phenomena, processes inside the human body, and the laws that many animals live by.

Bright Side wants to show you some photos of pretty ordinary things that look completely amazing under an X-ray.

1. A horseshoe that contains 48 nails

Such shoes were used for horses who participated in walking competitions. A multilayer shoe was screwed onto a hoof to make a horse feel like it stood on a platform and would raise its legs higher. Later, this sport was considered cruel and was banned in many countries because it caused physical and mental discomfort to horses.

2. During a conversation

On average, every human uses 72 muscles to pronounce just one word. This complicated process is pictured in this photo under an X-ray. Can you read their lips and guess what the person is saying?

3. A foot in a high heel

British scientists found out that regular walking on high heels leads to the contortion of the foot, damage to the tendons and joints, pinched nerves and even a reduction in mental capacity. We know that beauty is pain, but sometimes there’s just too much of it.

4. Playing the violin

Playing the violin boosts brain function. This fact was proven by many scientists all over the world; some of them loved to practice it too. For example, Einstein was a great violinist that started playing at the age of 6.

5. A kiss

The longest kiss lasted for more than 58 hours. In 2013, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand kissed for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds. This long kiss got into the Guinness World Records and is still intact.

6. A cardinal fish

When a fish swallows plankton, it emanates a special chemical substance that makes the fish glow. Such a glow might attract its enemies, which is why as soon as the fish realizes what it swallowed, it spits the plankton out; under an x-ray, it looks like it’s breathing fire.

7. A dog that is drinking water

Dogs drink water unlike other animals do. After they put their tongues into the water, they curl it outward forming a small “spoon”. As a result, a small portion of water gets right into the dog’s mouth.

8. A pregnant cat

This is Grace. She’s a cat with 5 kittens inside her that were born healthy and beautiful just like their mother. The maximum number of kittens a cat can give birth to is unknown, but there has been a case where a cat gave birth to 12 kittens.

9. A photo of a pregnant turtle

You might not know that a turtle’s hardened shell contains phosphorus. If a turtle spends a lot of time under the sun, it will glow.

10. The process of swallowing liquid

Swallowing is performed by pushing movements. Thanks to esophagus peristalsis that performs the contraction of the muscles, we’re able to swallow food even if there’s zero gravity.

11. A stingray under an X-ray

The manta stingray is considered to be the biggest stingray in the world and is often called the sea devil. They could weigh up to 3 tons and their length could reach 28 ft.

12. A woman got onto an X-ray machine in China.

In February 2018 at the Dongguan train station, a woman was so worried about her belongings that she got right onto an x-ray machine along with her stuff. This photo is the result. It’s not clear what made her so worried. No forbidden things were found.

Bonus: Some things aren’t what they seem at first glance.

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