Girls are quite sensitive when it comes to their appearances — they feel pressure about being too skinny or too fat. As women, we try different diets and live at the gym while we could just as easily look at our reflection and say to ourselves, “You are amazingly attractive!” Accepting yourself and your body is the most effective way to fight a lack of self-confidence.

Featured in these comics is a charismatic, ample girl and her friend, a gentle, skinny girl. Together, they will help you learn to love your winding curves or bulky ribs. They’ll also tell you about their problems in a way that every girl can relate to.

Bright Side created 12 illustrations that prove the numbers on your scale mean nothing when it comes to relationships with other people. You can find proof of this statement at the end of this article.

While the skinny girl feasts and doesn’t gain an ounce, the curvier girl doesn’t experience the same results.

Sometimes these 2 beauties find it difficult to understand each others’ problems.

Racks in department stores are usually full of clothes for skinny women.

But during sales, curvy girls have a wide selection.

During cold evenings, curvy girls don’t need to wrap their jackets around them, they can proudly display their stunning bodies.

Sometimes there isn’t enough space on their seat to set down their bag.

Skinny girls can have problems in the massage parlor.

Every girl has her own reasons to envy her friend admiringly.

Still, they support each other in difficult situations.

They share their favorite snacks.

They help each other in everything they do.

But the main thing to remember is that our girlfriends don’t have to fight for men’s attention because opposites attract.

Are you friends with someone you’re different than and similar to at the same time?

Share your friendship stories — and possible problems — that you’ve faced in the comments below. We’re really curious!

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