Not only should clothes be comfortable but also functional. Designers agree with this statement and that’s why they always try to add something interesting to the usual functions most clothes have. Just imagine how useful a small pocket in wristbands for jogging would be.

Bright Side is going to tell you about ’smart’ clothing items that will definitely attract your attention.

A bra wallet

This small wallet will help you carry cash on long trips. Even if you accidentally lose your bag, you can always keep a certain amount of money with you.

Buttons that can buckle a blouse

With the help of these elegant buttons, you can regulate the depth of the neckline on blouses and dresses. It will also prevent your clothes from falling off your shoulders.

Waist extenders

That’s a perfect solution for pants or jeans that fit your shape perfectly except in the waist area. A small piece of the same color fabric will be invisible and help you feel much more comfortable in your favorite clothes.

Bra extender

If bra cups fit you perfectly but the bra itself is too small in girth, a special extender can help you greatly. It will adjust the bra to the needed size to give you more breathing room.

Wristbands with a secret

Running aficionados who prefer not to take too many extra things with them will find this wristband pretty useful. It will allow them to carry some cash and a key to their home.

Elastic thigh bands

These bands that look like the upper part of stockings were not invented for decorative functions only. They help those women who like to wear skirts and dresses when it’s hot outside, but suffer from discomfort due to the friction of their thighs.

Nike Studio Wrap

These special multi-functional training shoes will both protect feet, provide freedom from shoes, and maintain friction between the floor and the feet thanks to grips on the bottom and the open-toe design. It’s a perfect solution for pole dancing, yoga, gym, and dance training.

Men’s belt with a tool set

This belt might be a great help in a situation when you need tools but don’t have them handy. There are 2 screwdrivers hidden in the buckle and an Allen key that you tuck the belt into.


This is a useful thing for those who travel a lot. This hoody will help you protect your eyes from sun rays and comfortably adjust your head for sleeping even in a sitting position.

Scarf with a secret pocket

Here is another perfect solution for tourists. You can easily hide your passport and credit cards in this scarf — you can guarantee that nobody will be searching for them there.

A wristband with a mirror

A special wristband with a rearview mirror has been created for those who love biking. This accessory helps you to see what is happening behind you especially if your bike lacks rearview mirrors.

Ice walkers

Not only is this a good solution for hiking but it is also great for using in the winter season when the roads outside are slippery. These comfortable walkers with spikes definitely won’t let you fall down.

Bonus: A specially tailored shirt for someone with cerebral palsy

Which of these items do you want to go buy right now? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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