Most 11-year-old’s run a summer lemonade stand to save up for a new game system. This one did it all to help single moms.

Cartier Carey wants to inspire children around the world to make a difference. Last year, he created his own non-profit, Kids 4 Change 757. He put together essential items in kits called “Carti packs” and distributed them to the homeless community in his area.

This summer, Cartier decided to start a lemonade and snack stand. He wanted to raise money to help single moms who found themselves struggling during the health crisis. The money raised from the lemonade stand went to diapers and wipes for single moms in the area. People even got wind of Cartier’s mission and donated to his cause.

As Cartier’s mission gained more steam, he started receiving both requests for help and donations from far beyond his local area. They’ve been able to grow their operation as a result. Now, Cartier is able to send supplies to families in other states.

Cartier appeared on The Doctors to talk about his work. He even shared a story of delivering diapers to moms who couldn’t make it out of the house.

If you’re interested in helping Cartier and Kids 4 Change, you can. They’ve started a GoFundMe to accept donations as they navigate growing their operation. Many families in Virigina and now, throughout the country, have Cartier and his kindness to thank during this trying time.

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