The fashion industry is known for its strict rules when it comes to selecting models as they’re the ones who become the personification of perfection. However, just like any ordinary person, every model has their own physical imperfections. They also try to hide whatever it is that they feel uncomfortable about.

Bright Side found women from the fashion industry who have their own physical imperfections that they themselves refuse to accept. However, it doesn’t stand in the way of their work as they continue to conquer the catwalk and participate in worldwide ads.

1. Cara Delevingne

The famous British model suffers from psoriasis. The disease usually gets worse during periods of constant stress or hard work. Psoriasis isn’t contagious but Cara had to deal with people who refused to touch her or used gloves when making physical contact. According to her, psoriasis made her hate her own body.

2. Lara Stone

The unique feature of the Dutch model is the wide gap between her front teeth. However, Lare doesn’t seem to bother about it at all. The main obstacle in her job as a model is her shoe size of 4.5 and she risks losing her shoes while on the runway.

3. Elle Macpherson

A famous Australian model nicknamed “The Body” has a shoe size of 7 which is quite normal with her height being almost 6 ft. However, her “well-wishers” find not only her shoe size but her feet form an amazing topic for a conversation. Elle doesn’t seem to bother hiding her feet in photos. In fact, she loves to post photos where her feet are clearly visible and in focus.

4. Laura O’Grady

Laura O’Grady is considered to be one of the most unique modern models. Her big ears inspired designers and photographers all over the world for several years. She confessed that she didn’t feel comfortable with her appearance but the fashion industry made her accept how she looked. However, her recent photos don’t seem to confirm that to be true.

5. Iman

People say that a person’s neck can reveal their age. However, it’s hard to believe that Iman is 63 years old. It was her long neck and wide forehead that really impressed famous photographer Peter Beard and later made the 18 y.o. student from Nairobi famous.

6. Kristy Hinze

By the standards of the fashion world, Kristy Hinze has a rather big nose. But this facial feature didn’t stand in her way when she made it to the cover of Australian Vogue as the youngest model. She also signed a contract with Sports Illustrated, participated in Victoria’s Secret catalog photo shoots, and began a career as a TV host.

7. Naomi Campbell

Several years ago, the famous Black Panther had to battle traction alopecia — hair loss caused by the use of extensions, very tight hairdos, and afro braids. Today, the state of her hair looks much better but the model assumes that it’s hardly a surprise that many people in the fashion industry use fake hair; if she has to wear them, it’s only her own business.

8. Chrystal Copland

The negative consequences of the models’ lifestyle can express themselves in problems with the feet and legs. Australian model Chrystal Copland shared that some runway shows feel like a beautiful torture. Wearing high-heeled shoes that don’t always fit her size often leads to the appearance of multiple bruises.

9. Joanna Krupa

The American model of Polish origin has a congenital anomaly — polymastia (a condition of having more than the normal number of breasts). Joanna Krupa has been successfully hiding this feature and her bikini photo shoots aren’t a problem for the model.

10. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi’s arm has a clearly noticeable scar. She got it when she was a teenager and got into a serious car accident. Padma often wears sleeveless dresses and doesn’t even try to hide this physical imperfection. Photographers don’t retouch it in their photos either.

11. Breanne Rice

Breanne Rice only recently told the world that she suffers from vitiligo. The model has been using special cosmetics for a long time to hide her skin condition even from her family. It took her 10 years to work on her self-esteem and openly speak about her problem.

Do you believe that a person’s imperfections could be turned into unique features? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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