Cheap and frugal people have one thing in common: they love to save money. Other than that, there are many distinctions to be made between the two groups. The main difference is their bottom-line priority. Cheap people want to spend the least amount of money possible, while frugal people want to maximize their total value, including the value of their time.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to mitigate the two. Take my current situation of needing a new pair of shoes. I could buy three inexpensive pairs at a discount store for less than the price of a pair that I know is comfortable, and was reliable enough to have lasted me three years in the past. The cheap thing to do would be to buy the inexpensive pairs, while the frugal thing to do would be to invest in the more durable ones, even though I’ll have to put more money down. 

But because people on the internet are hilarious, they tend to get inventive with the things they need. Here are 11 people who took their frugality so far, it’s beginning to look a little cheap.


This device that makes sure no toothpaste is ever wasted.


$14 down the drain.


No, they’re not going to PAY YOU.


Looks a bit funny, but we trust you.


When Gillette released their state-of-the-art razor, they probably weren’t expecting this response.


This cheap air filter.


There’s always more boxed wine.


No heat unless you’ve checked these boxes.


Dog toys can be expensive.


Hallowee— I mean, Christmas decorations.


“I really wanted a backpack vacuum…”

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