It has been a year, and it’s not over yet.

2020 has been a unique challenge for a lot of people out there for a lot of different reasons. As the year comes to an end, it’s hard to really recap what we’ve learned from this year.

Most of us are totally exhausted. Our personal and professional obligations have left us with a serious case of mental whiplash. Everyone from kids to adults has struggled through this trying time.

Young people have a unique challenge. Put yourself in their shoes. They’re trying to figure out all kinds of things about life, love, education, and careers. They’re doing that in one of the most tumultuous environments in history.

Yet, there is a lot you can learn from the dumpster fire that’s been 2020. For young women, in particular, it’s been a transformative year that shows anything is possible. Here are some lessons that you can help the young women in your life learn from 2020.

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