Along with ushering in jorts, BBQs, and beach days, the start of summer means the return of socially acceptable day-drinking. Whether you’re laying out by the ocean or backyard grilling, spending a summer day imbibing in the sun is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

If the mention of pre-made cocktails conjures up thoughts of candy-flavored wine coolers and saccharine margaritas, it’s time to revisit them.

These modern canned cocktails are an easy way to up your summer day-drinking game:

1. Pampelonne Sparkling Wine Cocktails

These refreshing wine cocktails come in not-too-sweet flavors like Rosé Lime and Blood Orange. 

2. Portland Sangria

A twist on traditional sangria, Portland Sangria pairs herbs like basil and rosemary with fruit.

3. Trader Joe’s Simpler Wines

As we all know, Trader Joe’s can do no wrong and these budget-friendly, portable wines are no exception.

4. Ramona

This chef-approved modern take on the humble wine cooler comes from the wine director of Momofuku, so you know it’s on point. 

5. Narragansett Del’s Shandy

While some may turn their nose up at pre-made beer cocktails, Narragansett’s shandy is a summer classic and a refreshing break from robust craft brews. 

6. Stiegl Radler

A radler is basically a grapefruit sandy, and at 2.5% ABV this crisp beverage is perfect for all-day drinking without knocking you out.

7. Budweiser Clamato Chelada

For those who prefer bold flavors to sweet, this briny michelada pairs perfectly with salty sea air.

8. Cutwater Cocktails

Even if you’re not a beer & wine person, you can still get in on the canned drink game. Cutwater makes a variety of classic cocktails with tequila, rum, whiskey, gin, or vodka. Whatever your preferred poison, you’re sure to find a favorite.

9. Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy

If you’re a true Dark ‘n Stormy fan, you know there’s only one kind of rum to use; Goslings. This canned version is the real deal.

10. Sauza Agua Fuerte

This light tequila soda drink is perfect for anyone on the flavored seltzer hype.

11. Slow & Low Rye and Rock

If all these choices sound weak AF to you, then maybe this Old Fashioned, made with rock candy and angostura bitters, is more your speed.

And while you enjoy your drinks outdoors, remember that no one enjoys litter, so be sure to recycle those cans!

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