These days, everyone wants to be famous. Social media makes it all look so tantalizing, from the Hadids frolicking around on yachts to the Kardashians lounging around in private jets. But with a large portion of young people hoping “to become famous” when they grow up, it’s important to understand the reality of being a celebrity. I’m not talking about the lack of privacy, paparazzi, or stalker fans (because all of that is implied). I’m talking about the good parts of being famous — like the swanky events, the money, the glamorous jobs — that actually aren’t nearly as great as you might expect. Like all things in life, even cool jobs have their dark sides. Below, a few celebrity “perks” and their drawbacks.


Press junkets aren’t glamorous, they’re grueling.


Those swanky vacations look great to us, but it’s boring to them.


Stylish glam events aren’t fun and can be a hassle.


Being rich is great, but now you’re responsible for supporting dozens of employees and their families.


Touring is fun, but you’ll be isolated, sleep-deprived, and prone to addictions.


And after the “high” of performing, many fall into depression.


Acting/singing/modeling for a living is a dream, but it takes a *lot* of work.


People actually care about celebs’ opinions, but the public is a lot more critical of them, too.


Fame is great and all, but they have to maintain it.


Everyone has crushes, but your dating life will still be a disaster.


The lifestyle is luxurious, but maintaining it is expensive.

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