Here are all the times celebrities embarrassed themselves in 140 characters.

Gone are the days when celebrity meltdowns were consolidated to supermarket tabloids and third-party rumors — today, thanks to Twitter, celebs are bringing their erratic tirades and angry, typo-laden rampages straight to their followers. Bypassing publicists and journalists, stars can now tweet whatever random thing pops into their heads. Nothing bad could possibly come from that, right?

The good news about public meltdowns is that many celebs have learned from their mistakes and have even admitted to being off their meds during their frantic tweeting frenzies. However, others are still unapologetic. Below, a list of the most embarrassing ones.

Jim Carrey


It’s hard to consolidate the actor’s erratic behavior in just one meltdown as there have been several over the years. It all started in 2010 after he broke up from girlfriend Jenny McCarthy. Jim then went on a bizarre tirade where he tried to make “boing” happen. 

“#BOING WORLD!” he tweeted. “I’m so grateful 2 u who bounce the big blue ball with me  but I’ve had it with u who need 2 chalk me up as crazy…The truth is  I’m an intuitive,creative,and spiritual person.I’m healthier,smarter,and  YES much more sane than u who say I’m crazy…I’m so sane in fact,that I  have managed to transcend the pettiness of your kind my whole life! U  suppressive types who r so afraid…that some1 might create something with  lasting impact in this world, something u cannot find the faith or the  courage to dream of…and so you serve no purpose except to get in the way of those who bounce this big blue ball.”

His boing-ing continued for two more years, culminating with a bizarre now-deleted video where he proposed to a then 24-year-old Emma Stone. Wait, what?

Tila Tequila


Remember when Myspace celebrities were a thing? We might still be stuck with Jeffree Star, but most have long forgotten about Tila Tequila. However, back in 2016, she was still an active Twitter user, tweeting questionable tirades about how the earth is flat and how she could prove it. But her biggest meltdown happened a few months later when she happily informed her Twitter followers that she was a “white supremacist.” She then went on a long, racially-charged rant where she praised Adolf Hitler, insulted random Jewish celebs, and said she loved saying the N word. It was so bad, Twitter shut down her account. She’s now spreading her hate on Instagram.

Elon Musk


The billionaire SpaceX/Tesla CEO has had a rough summer that all started in May when he went on a three-day long Twitter rant against the media. As Elon attacked journalists he thought were inaccurately reporting on unionization rumors at his factories, many people thought he looked a little unhinged, with the New York Post even calling his tweets “bizarre.” However, things got even weirder when, a few weeks later, he accused a member of the team who rescued the Thai soccer kids a “pedo.” He then took his erratic behavior offline when he infamously cried during a New York Times interview. Uh, Elon, are you okay?



Technically this was an Instagram meltdown, but hey, social media is all the same, right? Late last year when the actor found himself in the middle of a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife over their 10-year-old daughter, Tyrese went on a tear-stained meltdown on social media that lasted a full week. It started with Tyrese revealing that Will Smith paid him $5 million to pay his legal fees, which Will later denied. He then continued posting essay-long Instagram captions talking about how he loved his daughter and didn’t want her to be taken away. He even uploaded videos of himself crying and wearing a hoodie that had his daughter’s name on it.

The tirade took a strange turn when he dragged Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson into the mess, criticizing his Fast and Furious co-star for “ignoring his texts.” However, a week later, Tyrese apologized for his outburst and blamed it all on his medication.

Roseanne Barr


Roseanne has always been offensive on Twitter, however, she took things too far when she wrote a racist tweet referring to former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. Although Roseanne apologized a few hours after making the tweet, she then tried to blame her behavior on Ambien. When ABC announced they were canceling her show because of her tweet, Roseanne probably should’ve deactivated her account — but nope, she kept tweeting. She frantically asked her followers if they could all have an “open dialogue” about what had just happened, but the damage was already done.

Nicki Minaj


There was already plenty of drama leading up to the release of Nicki’s album Queen, from getting a writer fired to her ongoing feud with Cardi B. After her new album came in No. 2 on the Billboard charts, Nicki angrily attacked rapper Travis Scott for cheating his way to the No. 1 spot. During her tirade, she managed to blame everyone from Spotify to even Kylie Jenner. When fans failed to take her side, Nicki backtracked and later said she “loved” Kylie. Riiight.

Alec Baldwin


Prone to putting his foot in his mouth, Alec is no stranger to sudden Twitter outbursts. Back in 2013, he threatened to beat up a Daily Mail reporter after they published a story accusing Alec’s wife of texting during a funeral. Alec sent six unhinged texts before The Daily Mail took the article down. Recently, Alec found himself in hot water again when he angered followers with his critiques against the #MeToo movement. Sensing the backlash, he announced he was going to take a break from Twitter. However, he continued harassing #MeToo advocate Asia Argento through his other Twitter account. Talk about “not letting things go.”

Courtney Love


Courtney used to go through several typo-ridden Twitter rants back in the day. The biggest one was in 2012 when she accused Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl of seducing her daughter, Frances Cobain. She went on a long, now-deleted rant where she accused the rocker of putting the moves on her daughter via some third-person gossip she heard. “These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue,” Dave’s publicist said at the time. Courtney later apologized for her tirade. “Bean, sorry I believed the gossip,” she tweeted later. “Mommy loves you.”

Kanye West


Kanye’s entire Twitter presence for the past eight years could be seen as one big meltdown, but up until recently, his weird musings stopped being funny and started getting worrying. It all started in 2016 when Kanye’s tweets started to get more erratic than usual. He constantly tweeted about being in debt, loudly complained about his decaying friendship with Jay-Z, and even asked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into his ideas. It wasn’t exactly a surprise when Kanye was hospitalized in November 2016 for psychiatric evaluation.

He returned to Twitter in 2018, and although he had a more peaceful tone, he pretty much picked up where he left off, tweeting a book on philosophy and telling his followers that slavery was a choice.

Charlie Sheen


And of course, no list could be complete without Mr. Tigerblood himself. In fact, his iconic 2011 tirade that made “#winning” a thing was probably one of the first celebrity Twitter meltdowns. After getting fired from Two and a Half Men, Charlie went on a month-long tweet frenzy where he wrote nonsensical things about being a warlock and other things that didn’t really make much sense. However, in 2015, he finally revealed the cause of that famous meltdown.

“That was a very specific period of time that did feel very  out-of-body and very just detached from all things real,” he said on The Dr. Oz Show. “I felt  superhuman during some of that. It was a lot of highs and lows. I was taking a lot of testosterone cream, and I think I went too far with it. It was kind of like a borderline . . . not a  ’roid rage, but a ’roid disengage.”

Huh, that certainly makes us see things completely differently.

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