Although the heiress made a name for herself for being, well, stupid and spoiled, the truth was that the real Paris was the opposite.

With the entire Kardashian clan polluting every piece of media, people are actually starting to miss Paris Hilton, the original “famous for nothing” star. And although the heiress made a name for herself for being, well, stupid and spoiled, the truth was that we really never knew the real Paris

“The people who don’t get it are the ones who would say that because they only saw The Simple Life or an interview where I talk like a baby that I’m just this spoiled airhead,” Paris told Broadly in 2015. “Anyone who’d actually look into it would actually know it’s the opposite: You don’t get this far and build something like this by being a dumb blonde.”

Below, all the lies you’ve mistakenly believed about the OG tabloid star.

She never wore a shirt that said “Stop Being Poor.”

This photo of Paris taunting a crowd of lowly commoners with a shirt brazenly telling them to “stop being poor” might’ve been circulating the Internet for over a decade now, but it’s fake. In the original picture, Paris’ top says, “Stop being desperate.” However, whoever Photoshopped the picture did such a good job that it’s still fooling people today. And, let’s be honest, “stop being poor” does sound like something Paris would say.

She never coined the phrase, “That’s hot.”

Shocking, we know. Even though she trademarked the phrase, the slogan was already popular within the hip-hop community. While hanging out and working with producer Damon Dash, Paris picked up the phrase and popularized it by repeating it wherever she went. After trademarking the slogan, Paris later won a lawsuit against Hallmark when they used the catchphrase in a greeting card. So remember, the next time you want to print “That’s hot!” on a shirt, Paris might be coming for you.

She was never the person she portrayed on The Simple Life.

Although The Simple Life introduced the world to Paris and her partner-in-crime, Nicole Richie, the depiction of the two spoiled heiresses wasn’t entirely accurate. Back in 2016, Paris admitted that she was instructed by producers to create a fake persona for the cameras. “They said, ‘Nicole you play the trouble maker, Paris you play the ditzy airhead,'” she told Access Hollywood. “We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into or what a huge success it would be and that I’d have to continue playing this character for five years.” 

And yes, in case you were wondering, she did know what a Walmart was.

“Remember that line when she was like, ‘What’s Walmart?’ She knew what Walmart was,” Nicole Vorias, a producer on the first season of The Simple Life, said. “She [created the line] herself and made it something that she knew [would] be like a watercooler [moment].”

She never had a natural “baby voice.”

But Paris’ Simple Life persona wasn’t the only thing fake about her. Her infamous “baby voice” also wasn’t real. Why she pretended to sound like a baby for years is beyond us, but TMZ captured her real voice back in 2016, and on the TODAY show she finally confessed to the fakery. “This is actually my real voice,” she said. “My other voice — you know, that Simple Life kind of baby voice that I used to use…I actually have a low voice in real life.”

Kim Kardashian was never her lowly assistant.

Kim might be everywhere today, but back in 2004 she was just Paris’ clingy friend who worked as a closet organizer. She made her first appearance on The Simple Life where she went through Paris’ closet and commented on her clothes. However, over the years, fact got mixed up with fiction. A series of GIFs that took screenshots from the series showed Paris ordering Kim to “clean and organize her closet.” But as much as we’d love to believe the humble narrative that Kim used to be some poorly treated assistant, it’s not true.

The GIFs were edited with fake dialogue. The real conversation actually went like this:

Paris: I love this closet, it’s so good.
Kim: What’s going on with this?
Paris: That’s my ‘If I ever go to India’ outfit.
Kim: Really?
Paris: Yes.
Kim: Are you planning on going?
Paris: Yes, but don’t you have to, like, cover up everything?
Kim: You’re not allowed to show any of your hair. It’s like a law.
Paris: Are you allowed to have blond hair? If you travel there do you really have to do this?
Kim: I think so, or you’ll get like shot or something.
Paris: That’s hot.

Honestly, we think we prefer the fake conversation.

She never sent that Nelson Mandela tweet.

After the 2013 death of Nelson Mandela, Paris tweeted her condolences in a tweet that went viral for its asinine stupidity. Although Paris pretended to be a dimwit for years, even she had her limits for how far she’d go. The tweet, which showed her confusing the late president of South Africa with Martin Luther King Jr., was 100 percent fake. And Paris wasn’t too pleased with the joke either. 

“Whoever made that stupid fake tweet lacks respect to the loss the world is mourning right now,” she wrote on Twitter. “Same goes for all the blogs who ran with it.”

She never replaced Tinkerbell with a new dog.

Paris’ dog Tinkerbell, the OG celebrity purse dog, made its debut in 2002. Paris took her tiny Chihuahua everywhere, igniting the trend and making Chihuahuas the go-to pet accessory (which also led to them being crowded into shelters, but hey, that’s another story). But in 2004, tragedy struck when Tinkerbell was kidnapped from the heiress’ home. It made national news as Paris promised a $5,000 reward to whoever returned her pup. A week later the dog was found, and all was well again. 

However, a few conspiracy theorists thought the whole thing was a lie to cover up that Paris got a “new” Tinkerbell. But as the Internet buzzed with rumors, in 2015, the dog died at the ripe age of 14 (76 years old in dog years). So not only were all those theorists completely wrong, they also completely underestimated Paris’ devotion to her pups. Compared to the Kardashians, whose dozens of dogs seem to always go mysteriously “missing,” or to Miley Cyrus and her “dead petz,” Paris is actually the responsible one when it comes to pet ownership.

She’s never had blue eyes.

Like many others, we’ve always thought Paris’ eyes were naturally blue, but they’re actually naturally brown. She’s a frequent wearer of blue contacts. We know, we’re shocked, too.

She’s never faked her DJ skills.

When the first pictures of Paris DJing emerged with her bedazzled gloves and headset, looking like raver Barbie, we were understandably skeptical. Although critics poked fun at her being a “plug-in-play” DJ (aka a DJ who only streams their playlist from a computer), Paris actually spent months learning to DJ and is a pro at handling the equipment.

According to writer Tyler Crew at YourEDM, who watched a video of one of Paris’ sets, the reality star is the real deal:

Now, when you watch the video, you see that Paris uses more than one channel on her controller. You see she uses faders for both, meaning that music has to be coming through both channels during her set. Maybe not the clearest sign of actually doing something, but hey, it gives her some validation.

As for Paris, she told Billboard in 2017 that she understood her critics. “In the beginning, I think when everyone heard that Paris Hilton was gonna be a DJ, people were like, what?” she said. “I’ve had some of the biggest DJs in the world come to the booth and they watch me just being like, ‘Holy s–t, you’re actually playing live.’ I’m like, yeah… ‘So you actually know what you’re doing, you’re actually better than most guys I’ve seen play.’ I love blowing people away.”

Clearly. After all, she’s made a whole career out of it.

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