Almost all fashion trends that come down from runways and fill clothing stores go through a period of consumer neglect. But after some time, many people can’t even explain how an item that was disliked so much appeared in their own wardrobe. In this article, you’ll learn what fashion things had been misunderstood initially, but today they can be seen on both celebrities and regular people.

Bright Side collected the most wide-spread trends from recent times that became popular despite the fact that they were initially seen with great skepticism.

Leopard print

Designers have been using leopard prints for many seasons and just recently they finally managed to convince consumers that this print can create a stylish, and not vulgar, look if used correctly. For example, a leopard print coat has already become a desired element of the autumn wardrobe. And we have to admit, it looks really cool with neutral items.

“Ugly” sneakers

“Ugly” or “dad” sneakers got their name due to their resemblance to sneakers that people used to wear many years ago. They are famous for their ugly look and multi-layered sole. They shouldn’t look elegant on feet: the bigger and weirder the shape of the sneakers is, the more beautiful or, to be more correct, “uglier” they are.

Flared jeans

Jeans are the only element of the wardrobe that go through fashion transformations really often. Only recently have we watched how skinny jeans in stores were replaced by “bananas,” and “boyfriend jeans” were replaced by “mom” jeans. Moreover, flared jeans have become trendy again. This element of the 1970’s wardrobe didn’t instantly conquer the hearts of fashion-mongers, but nowadays they can already be seen on the shelves of jeans stores and continue to gain popularity.

Faux fur coats

Some time ago it was hard to imagine that people would change their preferences to faux fur, but today we have no doubt that we will see many bright faux fur coats on the streets this winter and know that no animals will have suffered during their production. The debate between those who prefer clothes made of natural materials and those who prefer the ones made of artificial elements has finally faded away, while many famous designers have stopped using natural furs in their collections altogether.

Jean skirt

This real heritage piece from the 90s almost failed to make a comeback in current times. Despite the fact that designers returned this skirt to the runway in 2017, it gained popularity one year later. The jean mini skirt even beat jean shorts in popularity.

Sharp toes and kitten heels

It was this spring when we were looking at kitten heel shoes with disbelief, but the bravest already started to try this trend this summer. And by autumn this model has been liked and accepted so much that many girls have replaced their summer shoes with ankle boots that have kitten heels and sharp toes.

Wide-shoulder clothes

Who would have thought that today, when girls are trying to get closer to the “hourglass” figure, avant-garde wide shoulders from the 80’s would be liked by fashion-mongers? Of course, not everyone would dare to wear such a retro look, but clothing stores keep offering and selling styles with wide shoulders and aren’t hurrying to hide them on distant shelves. Conversely, they keep offering more and more voluminous models.

Patchwork clothing

Clothes made from rags appeared in the spring of 2018 but reached the peak of their popularity only now. They have the nickname “Frankenstein” clothing among people in the fashion industry and autumn is a good reason for bringing them back to life.

Bright sportive suit

These suits are reminiscent of special work clothing because of their bright color, reflective strips, and rough fabric. They look unusual, but we already know that their popularity is only a matter of time. Maybe soon you’ll get one for yourself too.


Vinyl is a trend from this fall that appeared so unexpectedly, there wasn’t even time to debate it. Designers recommend not being afraid of this provocative material but instead, try to wear not only vinyl outerwear but also dresses, trousers, overalls, and skirts. According to the speed that this type of clothing is appearing in stores, we assume that it will stop making people gaze questionably at it on the streets soon.

Have you ever bought clothes that you disliked initially, but ended up liking after some time? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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