Hundreds of people contribute to every shot of our favorite movies. Good things, failures, and hidden details accompany many famous movies. Attentive viewers never stop looking for Easter Eggs and sometimes the actors themselves crack and reveal these things. For example, Tilda Swinton had denied that she played the old psychiatrist in Suspiria but finally admitted it later.

Bright Side reveals some amazing facts that will surprise even the people who know a lot about movies.

1. The Chinese movie Unbreakable Spirit was cancelled because of a financial scandal, so nobody will ever see it.

The drama by Chinese director Xiao Feng about the Japanese bombing of the Chinese town Chongqing during World War II cost $65 million to produce. Mel Gibson was the co-producer and the main roles were played by Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody. But in the end, the movie was not shown because one of the investors was accused of fraud and the Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who played one of the main roles in the movie was accused of tax evasion. So, the only thing we can watch is the trailer.

2. The unknown German actor Lutz Ebersdorf in Suspiria is actually Tilda Swinton.

There was a legend that said that the 82-year-old psychiatrist in Suspiria was played by a doctor from Berlin named Lutz Ebersdorf who had never been in a movie before. Later, Tilda Swinton admitted that it was her: for this role, she had to wear makeup that took 4 hours to apply. Also, during the shooting process, the actress wore artificial male genitals to understand what it means to be a man.

3. Matt Damon was in Deadpool 2, but he is not in the credits.

In Deadpool 2, there is an episode where 2 guys discuss toilet paper. One of the guys was portrayed by Matt Damon. The makeup took 3 hours and in the credits, he was under the name of Dicky Greenleaf — the name of Jude Law’s character from The Talented Mr. Ripley where Matt Damon played the main role.

4. Paul McCartney was in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Paul McCartney played the small role of Jack’s uncle. And even though he sings a song in the movie, it is almost impossible to recognize the former member of The Beatles.

5. The behavior of Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon was based on the movements of a cat.

In the cartoon, Toothless lost a part of his tail so he couldn’t fly and Hiccup made a prosthetic tail for him. When the boy puts the metal part on his tail for the first time, Toothless tries to remove it. The behavior of the dragon was modeled after a cat that was trying to remove a piece of duct tape from its tail.

6. In The Truman Show, a lightning bolt lights the Moon for a moment. This is the hint that the Moon is closer than it seems.

In The Truman Show, Truman Burbank lives a regular life in a small town, unsuspecting that his every move is being filmed with hidden cameras and broadcast to viewers. He is surrounded by hired actors instead of friends. In the end, he realizes that he lives inside a huge set but he could have done it earlier had he noticed the details like the Moon reflecting a bolt of lightning.

7. In the credits of Frozen, it is said that not necessarily all men eat their boogers

In the scene where Anna tells Kristoff that she loves Hans despite the fact she doesn’t know a lot about him, Kristoff starts joking telling her that all men eat their boogers, including Hans. In the credits, the authors decided to let viewers know that it’s just Kristoff’s opinion and nothing more and it doesn’t mean that The Disney Company shares it.

8. In Black Mirror, a character signs a contract which says “If you have paused to read this, you will die unless you forward it onto 5 people within a 28-day period.”

In Black Mirror, season 3 episode 2, the main character is invited to test a new gaming technology that helps research the human brain and understand what it is scared of. The guy has to sign a contract in the process and attentive viewers found this text there, “If you have paused to read this, you will die unless you forward it onto 5 people within a 28-day period.” Movie critics agree that this episode is absolutely terrifying and these words in the contract work for the atmosphere.

9. Keanu Reeves gave every stuntman a motorcycle.

Keanu Reeves is famous for his kind deeds. So, after the shooting of The Matrix, he shared some of the earned money with the special effects team because he thought they were underpaid and also presented every stuntman with a Harley Davidson. Keanu met every person who worked with him, tried to memorize their names, bought lunch for them and even presented one of them with $20 for Christmas because he had family trouble.

10. The communication between the velociraptors in Jurassic Park is actually the sounds that turtles make when mating.

Sound designer Gary Rydstrom had to be really creative about the way dinosaurs communicated because nobody really knows what sounds the extinct animals used to make. Rydstrom spent several months at the zoo, recording the sounds of different animals to be used for the movie. So, the velociraptors sound like mating turtles and other dinosaurs speak a mix of languages of other animals — tigers, elephants, whales, geese, and koalas.

Bonus: Instant hairdressing in Twilight

In Twilight, there is a scene where Edward saves Bella from a skidding car. If you look closely at Bella’s hair, you will see that in one shot, her hair is outside her coat and in the next one, it’s already inside. Unless Edward used his vampiric skills to fix her hair, we don’t know how to explain such a sudden change.

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