Cleaning the kitchen might take way more time than the rest of the apartment. Between the tiles, the stove, the oven, and the microwave…it’s a lot of work! And the surfaces require a lot of attention and time. But there are ways to make the cleaning process easier and faster even though some of the tips might seem extreme: why use mayo or a sock to clean something? But in fact, all of these tips are really useful.

Bright Side has found weird but useful tips that can make the cleaning process in the kitchen way easier.

A ruler for the vent

There are a lot of different ways to remove the dust from a vent and the most effective ones include a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air. In any case, after removing the biggest part of the dirt, it’s best to wash the vent with a wet cloth: it’s very easy to do so while using a regular plastic or wooden ruler.

Alcohol for glasses

You have probably noticed the ugly stains on glasses after washing them. You can use alcohol to get rid of them: mix it with water and wash the glasses. You will see that the glasses will shine after this.

A paper towel in the fridge

Washing the fridge is not much fun, but if you use a paper towel, you will be able to reduce the frequency. Most of the time, you might notice stains because of an excess of water from fresh vegetables and fruit. A piece of paper towel put under the vegetables or bottles will remove the problem. Also, you can use a bag of silica gel from a shoe box.

Boiling water for a microwave oven

Steam in a microwave oven can literally do miracles: all you need to do is put a pot of water in your microwave oven and let the water boil a little. Simply rub the walls with a wet cloth. This lifehack is also great for washing a slow cooker.

Flour to get rid of grease

Old grease stains are really hard to get rid of, especially if the surface needs a delicate approach. Use flour in this case. Put some flour on a grease spot and remove it some time later. This method works perfectly on a stove.

Activated carbon to get rid of smells

This is another life hack for the fridge that can also help you to clean a cabinet: if you notice that there is a strong smell in the kitchen that doesn’t go away, you might need to use activated carbon. Place a few pills in the fridge and it will absorb all the smells.

Mayo for plants

If you have artificial flowers in the kitchen, you can give them a second life using mayo. Clear the dust from the leaves and then wash with water and mayo. This method will make the plant shine.

A task for the lone sock

If you notice that you have only one sock from a pair, don’t throw it away. If it’s thick enough, it will be a great replacement for a mop cloth. It’s just as good for cleaning dust as microfiber is.

Coffee for a room’s aroma

After cleaning a room or cooking some really smelly foods, you can add a very nice coffee aroma to the room. Just place a burning candle in a jar of coffee beans and the room will be filled with a coffee aroma.

Potato, oil, and salt to clean a grill grate

As it turns out, there is an easy way to clean a grill grate without using any dangerous chemicals. Cover the grate with oil, spread a little salt all over the grill and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, take a half of a potato and rub it on the grate. You will notice that the grease will be easily removed.

Whether you love or merely tolerate cleaning, you can’t avoid doing it! Few people want to live in a mess. What cleaning tips do you have? Share them in the comment section below.

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