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10 Celebs Who Swear By The Keto Diet


Celebrities may seem to have perfect bodies, but it takes a lot of work to get there. In the lives of the rich and the famous, those efforts are heavily supported. A celebrity’s team can include chefs, personal trainers, nutritionists, and more. Still, celebrities can find themselves wanting to work on their health and fitness. One diet that’s attracted many celebrities is the keto diet. The low-carb/high-fat diet is being praised by some as a lifestyle change that can help melt the pounds away.

Noom, which offers a psychology-based program for addressing health and wellness goals, gives insight into how keto works. “Foods high in fat and protein result in more satiety compared to processed carbohydrates,” they explain. “This change in fuel sources leaves followers feeling less hungry and consuming fewer calories throughout the day.”

By reprogramming your body to address cravings and hunger in a more productive way, you can reap the benefits of the keto diet. It’s important to note that researchers are still learning about how keto as a long-term lifestyle adjustment impacts the body. For a change that helps with weight loss, however, it’s a viable option for many, including some of your favorite celebs.

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