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“Break My Soul” is a strong contender for “song of the summer.” Ever since Beyoncé released it in late June, it’s been ubiquitous and has consequently hung around near the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, finally reaching No. 1 (where it currently sits) after the recent release of Renaissance. The song has managed this success without an official video, and since it was the album’s lead (and so far only) single, that means Beyoncé has yet to release any sort of Renaissance music video.

It looks like that’s going to change soon, though: Today, Beyoncé shared a teaser for an upcoming “I’m That Girl” video.

Unlike most teasers, this one actually features the entire song, albeit with the last half of the visual just the title displayed over a black screen. In the first half, though, there are plenty of indications about what the visual will look like. Presented here are a variety of scenes, in most of which Beyoncé is wearing a piece of stylistic metallic armor on her torso, and in all of which she teases quite a visual spectacle set to arrive at a currently unannounced date.

Watch the “I’m That Girl” teaser above.

Renaissance is out now via Parkwood/Columbia Records. Get it here.


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