Behind The Scenes “Drag Race” Facts

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Drag Race season 15 is now well underway, and the gags just keep on comin’.

But if you (like me) often have questions while you’re watching like, “How long long do the queens get to prepare?” or “What goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling?” or “When do they film their confessionals?” then you are in luck!

Recently, our Season 12 fave, Jan Sport, answered fan questions in a series on TikTok, and I for one was fascinated.

Here’s what she had to say about how Drag Race is made:


The queens only have three to four weeks to prepare for the show.


The Werk Room entrances really are the first time the girls see who was cast in their season.


The producers help the queens choose their entrance lines.


The queens actually perform the entire song during a “lip sync for your life,” even though we don’t see all of it.


There’s a limit to how much the queens are allowed to pack for the show.


And there are some lip sync songs that just don’t get used.


There are people on set that help the queens with finishing touches before the runway.


Each Ru Girl has to walk the runway twice per episode.


There are times when the queens are not allowed to interact with each other unless the cameras are on.


Off set, the girls can’t leave their hotel rooms or have any contact with other queens.


Confessionals are done in the morning before they start filming the episode.


The iconic promo shots happen after the season has already wrapped filming.


The production team provides costuming for the Rusicals.


They get a lot more time to rehearse their choreography than what’s shown in an episode.


The queens don’t get a lot of creative control in the personal branding challenges.


Finally, Ru has an ear piece in so the producing team can help move conversations along

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