Band Of Horses’ most recent album, Why Are You OK, came out in 2016, so fans have been waiting for a follow-up for some time now. The band’s sixth album, Things Are Great, is set to drop in 2022, though, which was announced last month. Band Of Horses shared “Crush” alongside that announcement, and today, they return with “In Need Of Repair,” an easygoing and heartfelt single.

Singer Ben Bridwell sees the album as a return to the band’s roots — “It’s just f*cking us,” as he puts it. He also notes, “When I started, I was a crappy drummer in a slowcore band that broke up because it wasn’t going nowhere. All of a sudden, I had to figure out how to do guitar stuff [for this band]. I put my hands where they’re comfortable, my fingers on the fretboard and detune the strings to make it comfortable for the shapes. I didn’t have to learn all these g*ddamn f*cking chords. Now I’m stuck with all these weird tunings that don’t make sense to anyone else. It’s kinda hilarious showing them to accomplished players or guitar techs. It’s hard for them to play much of anything in those tunings. I was f*cking around figuring things out as I went along, but looking back, I realize the way I played guitar was the main identity of the band.”

Listen to “In Need Of Repair” above.

Things Are Great is out 1/15/2022 via BMG. Pre-order it here.