Just about every job has a clear indication of what a bad day would be like and what form that might take in their line of work. But one TikToker got plenty of sympathy for showcasing what a worst-case scenario at Starbucks might look like in the form of a rather sticky situation.

Late last week, TikToker @thurstyboi shared a video of a Starbucks workstation, which has more than 5 million views and counting. You can see several kinds of syrups spilled on the floor alongside multiple clear barriers, containers, and tubs. On the other side of the wreckage, a colleague is making a drink while another is situated under counter.

“The absolute worst day when I worked at Starbucks,” the text overlay in the video stated.


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So what caused this wave of mass syrupy destruction? An unruly customer? A disgruntled ex-employee? A massive tornado? Some ill-conceived boredom?

As it turned out, it’s none of those things.

“This was the peak of COVID starting, so we had the dividers up,” @thurstyboi explains in a follow-up video. “And one of my co-workers actually ran into it, and then that hit the other one and knocked all the syrups down. Every single one of them, all over the floor.”

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He adds that the incident also involved a ton of clean-up, another stressor on top of customers coming into a recently opened location.

“It was a big mess, it took like two hours to clean and we also did serve people still,” he says. “We just kinda worked around the mess.”

For some viewers, having to imagine dealing with that much chaos—and then working through it—is just too much to handle. Even @thurstyboi admitted that he just about cried when it happened.

“At that point y’all gotta just abandon that location and start fresh tbh,” Ben Wilson wrote.

“The poor person sitting under the counter is practically the cherry on top and very relatable,” another person commented, pointing out one of the finer details of the video.

The videos also made some people reminisce on and praise the types of co-workers who would see a work disaster and, even more impressively, be able to handle it without breaking a sweat.

The Daily Dot reached out to @thurstyboi via TikTok comment.

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