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“Once, I was taking the train from Barcelona to Murcia to meet a friend. I wanted to make sure I got on the right train, so I asked an old lady, in Spanish, if she could tell me where to go for help. She responded to me in Spanish, ‘Go away, don’t talk to me, stupid Asian.’ I was shocked and sad, as I was traveling alone and feeling pretty overwhelmed already. When I told the front desk at the hotel about it, they said that, sadly, they weren’t surprised, and that racism against Asians was relatively common in the area. However, I do want to note that I didn’t experience any issues once I found the help area of the train station. I think with locals, you just have to be more careful.”

“I hadn’t experienced a situation like that since I was really little, and it was when another kid was picking on me. He called me Chinese in a negative tone, though I’m not Chinese (not that it mattered to him).”



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