Artist Paints Old Plates With Realistic 3D Food

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A Ukrainian artist named Christina Kunanets has an original approach when it comes to her artwork: she paints realistic 3D food onto vintage plates.

She starts out by painting a vintage plate onto a canvas and then uses oil paints to create her food art.

Kunanets says about her work:

“Every simple thing, at first sight, carries information, association, memories and a moment of ‘deja vu’. …For example, imagine a cup of coffee that will remind you of an important conversation or event in your life. Or even a specific cocktail picture will recall you some interesting acquaintance. Or croissant – about your first trip to Paris. …Everything created by human hands is full of love, each detail is just perfect. Moreover, if something is created with pleasure – it is filled only with positive content.”

Here are 5 more examples of her work.