The brand-new Turkish historical TV drama “Renaissance: The Great Seljuk” continues its journey as “Alparslan”. It is not only the name that producers changed, but the whole scope and the cast, as well. Producers of the series first had decided to name the series “Renaissance: The Great Seljuk Alparslan”. However, they renamed the series “Alparslan” afterward, probably to make it easier.

The audience is quite curious about the cast of the new series. The historical Turkish drama will be the continuation of the “Renaissance: Great Seljuk” series. So, as a result of the high curiosity, producers slowly began to announce the details.

Alparslan, the brand-new historical Turkish drama, will be on TRT 1 as of September

At this point, the most important news about the series is the leading roles. Earlier, both producer and the broadcaster had announced that Barış Arduç replaces Buğra Gülsoy. According to the new statement, the beautiful Turkish actress Fahriye Evcen accompanies the handsome actor. So, in this article, you will be learned the broadcaster, release date, casting, and more…

“Renaissance: The Great Seljuk Alparslan” or just “Alparslan”

TRT 1’s “Renaissance: Great Seljuk Alparslan”, which has achieved great success with its recent historical dramas, is preparing for the new season. With the first trailer released after the shooting started, it became one of the most curious productions in a short time.

The series, which will focus on the life of Alparslan, the second leader of The Great Seljuk Empire, called “The Conqueror of Malazgirt”, received great acclaim after the release of its first trailer.

Barış Arduç is the leading role of Alparslan

Tension Between the Producer and Buğra Gülsoy

In this sense, historical characters other than Nizamülmülk from the reign of Sultan Melikşah, will not take place in the new season. This, by the way, caused tension between the producer Emre Konuk and the previous leading star Buğra Gülsoy as he was promised as the leading character for the rest of the series. However, the producer Emre Konuk did not step back. And, on the contrary, he stayed firm for the new casting and the story.

Barış Arduç will play the character of Sultan Alparslan in the Renaissance: The Great Seljuk. The preparations for the new season of the series also started quickly. Exciting informations about the series began to come from the producer Emre Konuk.

Renaissance- The Great Seljuk came to an end at the end of the first season
Renaissance- The Great Seljuk came to an end at the end of the first season
What is the Story of Alparslan?

Without a last-minute change, the producers planned the series as 4 seasons. Here in this series, we will watch the second season in the following period. So, what awaits us in the new season? In the second season of the Renaissance: Great Seljuk Alparslan series, the era of Melikşah, who was the first ruler of the Empire, comes to an end. Sultan Alparslan period will form the main axis of the series for 3 seasons in the series, which will proceed with a retrospective narration.

Meanwhile, despite all the reactions of both Buğra Gülsoy and the fans of the series, Emre Konuk, the producer of the series “Renaissance: The Great Seljuks”, did not take a step back. The name and actors of the Renaissance: Great Seljuk series will be changed completely. Thus, the Turkish historical TV drama will come to the screen with a completely new story. The Renaissance: Great Seljuk series will now appear in front of the audience under the name “Alpaslan”.

The beautiful actress Fahriye Evcen signed the agreement for the Alparslan series

What is the Release Date of Alparslan?

The broadcast date of Awakening Great Seljuk Alparslan is going to be at the end of August or the first days of September. The series will be a continuation of the series Renaissance: Great Seljuks, which won acclaim with its first season and broke the viewing records.

Where Can We Watch the Turkish Drama?
Like many other historical Turkish TV dramas, Alparslan is going to be on TRT 1 channel, too. Like we stated above, the broadcaster made a great debut with the series in the same genre. People also expect that the new drama will also bring huge success to the channel.

Alparslan is a brand-new historical Turkish drama starring Barış Arduç

The series is new and as we learn more about it, we will be sharing it here with you. But in case you don’t want to wait until then, here are the official social media accounts of the series.

So, bringing Turkey’s important stars such as Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen together in the same project is huge news. So, we wish them all the success in advance.

Did You Know?

The Great Seljuk Empire Sultan Alparslan is known as the great Turkish commander who opened Anatolia’s doors to the Turks.