Alex Jones’ Lawyer Accidentally Sent The Entire Contents Of His Phone To The Lawyer For The Sandy Hook Parents Suing Him, And People Are Losing It

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Alex Jones is having a day in court after claiming that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. Alas, things are not going well for the sweaty, perpetually coughing on the witness stand Infowars host.

Scratch that. Things are going so terribly wrong for Jones that some are comparing his trial to an episode of Law & Order. The whole mess started when Jones, who is being sued for $150 million in damages by parents of the children killed in the 2012 massacre, began perjuring himself on the stand, claiming his business was bankrupt, that he couldn’t provide any emails or texts he sent about Sandy Hook because there were none and that he didn’t defame both the presiding judge and the jury in the case on his televised show. And the reason we know Jones was lying about all of this — besides that taping of Infowars where he shared an image of Judge Maya Guerra Gamble on fire and claimed the jury was rigged — is because his lawyers “accidentally” sent a digital copy of the entire content of Jones’ cell phone to the lawyers representing the Sandy Hook victims’ families.

Here’s the moment it happened in court.

That’s right. Either Jones — a man reportedly worth millions despite his claims of being broke — hired the most incompetent legal representation he could find or the guys representing him just really hate his guts. Not only did the lawyers hand over years’ worth of unredacted texts and emails, but they also did so without marking them as privileged which means the team representing the Sandy Hook side has been using the Infowars host’s own words against him all day in court. Even worse, Jones’ lawyers made the error 12 days ago, which means they’ve allowed their client to lie on the stand for nearly two weeks before copping to their mistake.

Obviously, this is a devastating turn of events for Jones who has now lied about everything from how much money Infowars was making from his Sandy Hook conspiracy theories — sometimes 800K a day — to having one of his producers harass Sandy Hook officials during the height of his media blitz against the school. But, for everyone hoping this scumbag, who profited off the death of innocent children for a decade, finally gets what’s coming to him … well, they’re having a hell of a time over on Twitter.