Adam Wingard Will Force Dan Stevens To Fight In ‘Godzilla vs. Kong 2’

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After the absolute joy that was The Guest, Dan Stevens is finally reteaming with director Adam Wingard. The Godzilla vs. Kong director has brought the Downton alum on board for the monster-smashing sequel for Legendary’s awkwardly named “MonsterVerse.” It’s monsters, it’s a universe, it’s a portmanteau. They really need to workshop that. Details on the project as sparse, and Stevens is the first to be cast, but filming is already slated for this summer in Australia.

After the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, Wingard told Deadline the following about a potential sequel:

“I would absolutely love to continue. The clear starting point we teed up, exploring Hollow Earth, I think there is a lot more to do there. This is a pre-history of Planet Earth, where all the titans come from. We tee up some mystery in this film, things I want to see resolved and explored and pushed to the next level.”

The end of Godzilla vs. Kong saw an uneasy truce between the two gigantic monsters, so the sky’s the limit on where the next installment could go, whether that means new, city-destroying rivalry or a team-up against even more formidable super-beasts. Maybe it will be a trenchant exploration of the inner demons of doubt plaguing Godzilla and Kong, or a bittersweet examination of their challenging friendship. Or maybe it’ll just be CGI monsters attacking each other with atomic breath. Either way, Dan Stevens will be right in the thick of it.

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