Unlike another Josh Schwartz show, there are no current plans to reboot The O.C. Much of the cast (including top-five TV dad / top-one eyebrow haver Peter Gallagher) is game, but as the creator said during the 2020 Television Critics Association press tour, “For us, that was a very, very singular story. We felt like we completed that tale by the end.”

Adam Brody, who played Seth Cohen, doesn’t think a reboot would even work in the 2020s.

“I kind of don’t think it can be done because socially we’re in a different place and we’re in a more conscious place,” he told co-stars Rachel Bilson (Summer) and Melinda Clarke (Julie) on the Welcome to the OC, Bitches! podcast. “While The O.C. claims to be — in a similar sense as a Gossip Girl — while it would sort of say it’s a critique, it’s not. It’s a celebration — it’s a celebration of affluence in my opinion.”

Brody continued:

“For me, in a post-Donald Trump America to go, ‘Let’s go back to Orange County,’ I feel like you have to have a real reckoning politically and socially, and is that what people want to see with this show? I don’t know. And is there a way to do both? There is, I suppose, but in my eyes, I probably want to torch it more than the fans would want.”

How about this as a compromise for The O.C. fans? No reboot, but Seth and Summer get to appear in one Spider-Man movie. It can be Spider-Man: No Way Home or Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 or Venom 3, or whatever. I just want to see those crazy kids share a smooch in the rain while an Oasis cover plays again.

You can listen to the Welcome to the OC, Bitches! episode above.

(Via Variety)

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