Ab-Soul Clears The Air About A Rumored Kid Cudi Diss On His Song ‘Church On The Move’

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Ab-Soul appeared on the Rap Radar Podcast to clear the air about a suspected diss he made towards Kid Cudi. Ahead of the release of his first album in six years, Herbert, dropping tomorrow, Ab-Soul denied that he did — instead claiming the “cudi” word usage was a street term.

“It seems like you still have the competitive spirit on there like you’re firing some shots off in the verse,” Brian “B.Dot” Miller, one of the show’s hosts, commented about a line in Ab-Soul’s song, “Church On The Move.”

“Which shots? What do you mean?” Ab-Soul asked.

“It sounded like you were talking to a specific rapper,” Miller added. “It sounded like you were talking about Kid Cudi. You mentioned a name, and you said a lot of things in there.”

“You think I would diss Kid Cudi? The great Kid Cudi? On a song called ‘Church On The Move’?” Ab-Soul replied. “Peace be unto you. Come on, B.Dot. And y’all trust this guy with the lists?”

“There goes my credibility,” Miller joked back.

“No, look. Listen. ‘Cudi’ is a term that we use. It’s kinda on some Cr*p sh*t, you know what I’m saying?” Ab continued.

Watch the full moment of Ab-Soul replying to the supposed “Church On The Move” Kid Cudi diss above.

Source: https://uproxx.com/music/ab-soul-kid-cudi-diss-response-church-on-the-move/

New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/