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UFC 274 was not short on drama, with Michael Chandler authoring a Knockout of the Year candidate with his front kick to Tony Ferguson’s jaw and Charles Oliviera submitting Justin Gaethje in the opening round of the main event (but still lost his belt after missing weight by half a pound).

Somewhere amid all of that action in the Octagon was a brief bit of wildness outside of it. A woman attending the event in Phoenix had enough liquid encouragement (and the goading of fans around her with cell phones out to capture it all) to decide it was a good idea to rush the Octagon and try to climb the cage. This was a great idea for all of five seconds, as she hopped over the railing, ran up to the Octagon, and got quickly discarded by security as soon as she jumped up to the apron, never even reaching the cage.

Rushing the field at a sporting event is never a good idea, but it’s hard to imagine a worse place to try and get into than a UFC Octagon, where people are literally trained to knock you out if you succeed on getting in there. It’s not much better than running on a football field, where a player might lay you out, and honestly this woman probably is lucky security gave her such a casual discard as she made her way up the apron. Whatever the bet was here, it was not worth it, and the lesson as always is to enjoy events from your seat rather than trying to make yourself a part of the action, because the only thing waiting for you by the field/ring/octagon is pain.


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