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Ja Morant is an emerging face of the NBA, having made the leap into being a full-fledged All-Star last year, leading the Grizzlies to the 2-seed in the West and a second round appearance in the playoffs.

However, while Morant is well-known to NBA fans, he doesn’t quite create an immediate reaction for much more casual followers of the league out in public. That was on display in a delightful video of Morant at a restaurant where he left a $500 tip, leading to the waitress wondering who he was and why he would leave such a big tip. She goes on a pretty incredible ride, from skepticism about who he was to full on hysterics upon realizing it’s Ja Morant she’s been waiting on.

It’s pretty funny how Ja slow plays it, saying he’s a basketball player from South Carolina, and only divulging he’s in the NBA when she asks if he’s going to be an NBA player. She even knows who Morant is when they mention he’s on the Grizzlies, but doesn’t recognize him with his hair down and not pulled up like when he’s on the court.

Being a guard allows Morant to go through every day life a bit more incognito than a big man, as being 6’9 or more tends to be a giveaway that you might be somebody in the NBA, even if folks aren’t sure exactly who. In this case, it allowed Morant to spread a little goodwill via a big tip to the surprise of the waitress, who clearly had her day made by the entire interaction.


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