A Very Late Hit On Jalen Hurts Had Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Furious At The Jets Sideline

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The only goal every single team in the NFL has in the preseason is to get out of it without any significant injuries, particularly to key players. No one is more important to protect than the quarterback, which is why most starters will only play a few possessions (if at all) to get some game-speed reps and then return to the controlled environment of the practice field where they wear the special “don’t touch” red (or whatever color) jerseys.

In the Eagles and Jets opener, unfortunately both quarterbacks had a scare, with the Jets seeing Zach Wilson go down with a knee injury after making a cut on a scramble. Wilson would limp to the locker room and was ruled “questionable” to return. On the Eagles side, an early scramble from Jalen Hurts likewise led to some concern when he got cracked on a very late hit on the Jets sideline, pulling up and taking two full steps out of bounds before getting lit up by linebacker Quincy Williams up high.

Luckily Hurts was fine and popped back up and returned to the game, with the Jets getting flagged for the play, but a 15-yard penalty was not enough in the eyes of Eagles coach Nick Sirianni, who had some choice words for the New York sideline.

It’s understandable why Sirianni would be this mad in this spot. That’s an unacceptable hit in any game, but especially a preseason contest when everyone should know the deal and be trying to keep folks healthy.

The good news was Hurts would go on to deliver a touchdown pass to Dallas Goedert to cap off the drive, going 6-for-6 for 80 yards and the TD on his first (and only) drive of the game, leaving Philly fans with plenty to be excited about.

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