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For weeks, the “Freedom Convoy” truckers have attempted to ape the protests that took over parts of Canada earlier this year. They haven’t had much success. They promise massive turnout, then few show up. Their demands are vague. One of their grievances, mask and vaccine mandates, have by now been eased or lifted. They’ve had to hang with Ted Cruz. And now they’ve been humiliated by a lone cyclist.

On Saturday, hundreds of truckers and other motorists, some definitely not in trucks, made their way to the nation’s capital, where they largely inconvenienced and annoyed locals. But at one point they were themselves inconvenienced and annoyed by some guy riding a bicycle. Video shared on social media showed the man riding in front of a line of trucks. He takes his sweet time, a David enraging an army of Goliaths.

One video showed people trying to get his attention. When they do, the cyclist either can’t hear the person asking him questions or pretends not to hear. Either way, truckers were honking like mad, creating a din of noise.

The convoy, which spends their nights camping out on a speedway in nearby-ish Hagerstown, Maryland, had stuck to circling the D.C. beltway. Last Monday they stepped things up, descending into the city itself, disrupting traffic, causing delays, and generally irritating residents trying to get on with their lives. But at least they met their match.

(Via Newsweek)


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