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Not all disabilities are visible and it’s unkind and unhelpful to police people for using accessible areas.

Younger people are more aware of invisible disabilities thanks to advocacy, but a lot of seniors aren’t. This person was callous.

Check out how someone put him in his place.

My little brother Jake goes to his A-Levels (Junior Year for y’all Americans) on the public bus every morning because his classes start after 9AM.

He has a few invisible disabilities and has sunflower lanyards to indicate them.

The bus came to a halt right in front of Jake, so naturally he got on first.

It looks like this man was having a bad day and/or is mad at the world.

As he was scanning his ticket, the troglodytes behind him were complaining about him “jumping the queue”.

Then the old man WHACKED HIM IN THE LEG WITH HIS CANE. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to take Jake by surprise.

So, as Jake was trying to find a place to sit, he sat down in one of 4 EMPTY priority seats(he sits there normally, because they are usually empty).

“You know you can’t sit there, you need to move to the back of the bus.”

He sat there confused and biting his tongue, even though he was this close to saying “My name isn’t Rosa.”

He wouldn’t let it go, but Jake had an ally.

Jake shifted to the seat next to him to move to a DIFFERENT priority seat, but Boomer Man was NOT having it.


At this point Fossil was rapping his cane against the sign and Jake was silent and still very confused.

Because there were 3 other completely empty priority seats that this ****** could have gone to, rather than the one that Jake had sat in.

From the back of the bus, a woman came to Jake’s aid and shouted “HIS DISABILITY’S INVISIBLE!”

The Fossil had gone several shades of purple and red before mumbling and sitting somewhere else in the priority seats.

Here’s what people are saying.

We need this in Canada, too!

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

I was glad to read that the sunflower lanyard works for people.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Right. Absolutely outrageous. He should be charged.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

We shouldn’t, but we do. If you can prevent people from mistreating you, why not?

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

It’s understandable, but you never know someone’s situation. He wasn’t using up all the closer seats.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Stop judging people! I’m so sick of this.

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