A ‘Confederacy-Themed’ Anti-Woke Superhero Movie Was Allegedly Scammed Out Of $1 Million By A Fake Crypto ‘Billionaire’

The term schadenfreude barely scratches the surface of everything that went wrong the anti-woke, conservative superhero movie, Rebel’s Run. After crowdfunding more than $1 million back in 2019, the “Confederacy-themed” film from far-right blogger “Vox Day” (real name: Theodore Beale) seemed prime to see the light of day. But three years later, the money is gone and Beale recently let his supporters know that it ain’t coming back.

What went wrong? Well, for starters, trying to make a movie about a superhero who fights “a global police force hunting down freethinking conservatives” while wearing a Confederate flag bustier. Oh, and also, Beale has some pretty horrific views that do not lend themselves to film financing. Via The Daily Beast:

Beale’s history of racism could have made it difficult for Rebel’s Run, which stars a character sometimes depicted in a Confederate flag bustier, to find traditional financing. He has claimed that certain races are more likely to commit violence and called one of his foes in the science-fiction dispute, a Black author, a “half-savage.” Beale has affiliated himself with the Gamergate movement, opposes women’s suffrage, and once described homosexuality as a “birth defect.”

Even with a million bucks in hand, getting the controversial movie made would need additional funding, so Beale turned to a James Wolfgramm, “a self-described cryptocurrency billionaire who posted pictures of sports cars that supposedly belonged to him on social media.” The only problem is everything about Wolfgramm, including the pictures of his car, was a total sham.

What happened next is a sordid tale of buying Chinese medical equipment culminating in an FBI investigation. The whole thing couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of people, and you can read the wild tale over at The Daily Beast.

(Via The Daily Beast)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/rebels-run-confederate-superhero-movie-vox-day-money-stolen/