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A man named Aaron Genest who is the president of a company in Canada wrote a thread on Twitter about why he denied the request of one of his employees to shift to working 80% of the time.

Let’s get the whole story before making any assumptions…

This is how Genest started his Twitter thread.

Genest wrote this thread in January 2021 when the pandemic was still in full swing and the future was uncertain in regard to when or if people would be returning to work or to their offices. And, on top, of that, parents were dealing with their kids’ remote learning.

Genest added this information for people reading his thread.

But Genest believed his employee’s base assumption about work was wrong.

He talked about how his team at work actually excelled during the COVID pandemic and all the challenges that came with it.

He added that they did it by supporting and working with each other.

And how they had each other’s backs.

Genest then said that he had very specific reasons for turning down the woman’s request to work 80%.

And he emphasized how his team would make sure she’d be able to perform her duties AND take time off when she needed it to attend to life matters.

Genest encouraged others in his position to do the same things he did to keep his team together.

And he added this at the end just so readers knew that he wasn’t doing this behind his employee’s back.

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