A 1959 Commercial for a High Tech Bed That Features a Control Panel With Room for a Cup of Tea

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This 1959 advertisement for a high-tech luxury bed is a step back in time.

The bed cost £2,500 and it had all kinds of gadgets, like music, massage, heat, and most importantly, a place for a cup of tea.

And in case you’re wondering if this bed was for fancy folks, the narrator says, “Spill your tea on this cover and you’re a peasant. It’s made of velvet and champagne mink. You could spill the weeniest drop of champagne and the merest suspicion of caviar but nothing common like tea.”

Watch the gloriously vintage commercial above.

And check out more interesting videos on the British Pathé YouTube page.

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/videos/a-1959-commercial-for-a-high-tech-bed-that-features-a-control-panel-with-room-for-a-cup-of-tea/

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