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“I’m a 30-year-old speech language pathologist. I did have to get through grad school to be an SLP, but I absolutely love my job, and it was so worth it. I work in a doctor’s office with kids. It’s honestly a lot of playing games with kids while we work on their goals. 95% of my patients and families are great to work with, and I’m someone who can put good boundaries on my role with them and understand I can’t fix all of their problems for them. It took a while to get there, but now I work with about 10 kids in a day, work on their communication goals, and do some paperwork to document our work together. I work four days a week and get paid $85,000 a year.”

“I literally NEVER think about work after I leave my office, and pediatric therapists in general are a pretty chill group of people, and I really like almost all of my coworkers. 

I know SLPs in the schools and hospitals face some more stress than I do, but overall, I love being in a field where I feel well compensated, have a flexible position, and am autonomous with no supervision or anyone telling me what to do. The best part of the job though is definitely the change I make in people’s lives. 

I have been in the room with children who say their first word, tell their parents they love them for the first time, and teach children how to read, which changes their lives with communication skills.”

—Virgina, 30, Washington 


Share - Shperndaje

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