30 Photos Where No One Knows What’s Going On (New Pics)

Life is full of surprises and we often witness scenes that are beyond our comprehension. Thanks to the internet, we can share photos depicting the most extraordinary things — a French baguette used as a curler, a subway flooded with pandas, and a cat with the most remarkable muscles. Take a look at these pictures and see if you can figure out what’s going on!

Here at Bright Side, it took us a while to come to a conclusion as to what’s happening in these photos. Will you manage to solve these riddles?

1. When you suddenly want to read outdoors:

2. A dog walking a dog? Oh, wait…

3. A backpack of modern design

4. I have only one question. How?

5. This person is prepared for any situation:

6. On a shoestring

7. Your package has been delivered.

8. How classy!

9. Why not?

10. Are the customers supposed to pick the lower bags?

11. Just look at these muscles:

12. If you have no curler, you know what to do!

13. Safety? What’s that?

14. I wonder what the point of this competition is.

15. When you finally find a good place for a nap:

16. Extreme panda concentration detected

17. Thank you, Granny!

18. It looks weird!

19. How inventive!

20. A long vehicle with high stacks

21. “Which floor do you live on?”

22. A DIY double-decker

23. A good wedding photographer will go the extra mile for a good shot.

24. A moment before

25. This is how a time machine could look like:

26. The escape of the toys.

27. For those who can’t decide between a car and a boat:

28. Oh, those poor crushed watermelons!

29. And they say cats are liquid…

30. An amphibia car for a rainy day

Which of these shots seem the weirdest to you? Have you ever witnessed anything mind-boggling? Share your impressions and photos in the comments section below!

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