25 Queer TV And Movie Characters That Changed The Game

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Best quote: “I have to just be me.”

Santana was a Glee fan favourite who captured the hearts of so many people, especially queer women. She also elevated the representation of Latin-American women on TV. At one point, most Latina TV characters were either cleaning ladies or feisty background parts. Santana, however, not only had the clap-backs, but the excellent comedic timing, emotional depth, AND that singing voice!

Nevertheless, she didn’t have an easy ride on the show. After being outed by Finn, Santana had to break the news of her sexuality to her abuela, which did not go well. This particular scene is well known for its incredible relevance and sublimity, and has had a lasting impact on Glee fans and LGBTQ+ folk alike.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/imaraoshibanjo1/queer-tv-show-and-movie-characters