21 Sugar Baby Confessions

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“I’m 25 and have been staying at a friend’s place with their family until I can save up enough money to move out on my own. Financially, I’ve been so stressed and I looked into other ways of getting money besides working. I’m staying with them because I had a failed engagement and moved back in with my biological family, who was abusive and toxic. I was desperate for money, and knew that you have to be confident and in a good mental state for this lifestyle. My first sugar daddy was a normal, older guy who took me to dinner and gave me money. Since my first experience wasn’t bad, I decided to do it again.”

“The second guy was much older and married. He had no manners and kept insisting I go back to his place because his wife was out of town. I do PPM, which means pay per meet, up front in cash. I had made it very clear that those were my rules and he’d agreed to them. Later, when it was time for the dinner date and we were having a conversation, he started denying me the money. I said fine and was going to call it a night. He tried to save the date by saying he did have the money and showed me an envelope. I asked for him to open it. He did, and it was empty. 

He also verbally harassed me and tried to keep me there. I had to call a friend and come up with an escape plan. This man insisted on taking me and going with me — I couldn’t shake him off at all! At that point, I had no protection with me and didn’t know what to do, so I decided to push him away. He offered me $300 in cash and I laughed at him and said that money was supposed to be for dinner. He was so angry and said he wasn’t paying $300 to sit and eat with me and that more needed to come from our meetup. I told him we weren’t a good match and to leave me alone before I called for help. I left and drove around for a while to make sure I wasn’t followed. I’ve decided now to work my job and remain quiet while I figure out what my next step is.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahdobro/sugar-baby-confessions-stories