21 Stories By Black People Adopted By White Parents

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“It’s extremely isolating and emotionally exhausting. My two older brothers and I are all adopted, but I am the only Black person in the family. My adoptive parents also believed some really harmful things about Black people and had a major white savior complex. On top of that, I’m the only person who had a relationship with my birth family and had expressed my whole life I wanted to meet them when I was an adult. When the time came to meet them, I felt like I was scared about the feelings and frustrations of parents on all sides.”

“I tried to keep everyone happy, but when this all started, I was only 15. My birth dad ended up denying I was his, and my birth family stopped talking to me on and off for years. I’m 33 now, and to this day I’m still working through the trauma of my adoption, which is abundant. I still find myself crying, feeling lost and alone.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ajanibazile/black-people-adopted-white-families-stories